Lots of Qs


I am a newbie with this stuff so be nice. :eek:

At a local store they have a amp that has a output rated at 50V. It also have a output that says 8ohms. What does this mean? Will I be able to run normal speakers and subs from it?

There is also a other amp that has two toroidal transformers in it. They are about 15cm in diamater each. How many VA wil they be about?

What is a monoblok?

I have been thinking of making a 8 channel amp for my pc. I want to use 6x tda2040s and 2x tda7294 chips. I want to use a 30v-0-30v 2x5A transformer for the amp.

Will I be able to run the tda 7294s on 30v-0-30v with a 2ohm load? How much amps will they draw? Must I use voltage regulators on them? Will I be able to run the tda2040s also from the same amp? With voltage regulators to drop the voltage to 20v-0-20v.


i can answer a couple of those...

first off, when an amp is rated at 8 ohms, it doesnt necessarily mean it can ONLY run at 8 ohms, but that also doesnt mean it can run anything below it too. 2 ohms is very low, and difficult for most amps to drive.

a monoblock is a single channel amplifier in a single chassis. so you have 1 box to drive each speaker. they have their own powersupplies, and generally sound better (but not always of course)