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Lots of goodies

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Lundahl opts and lots of other goodies

Happy Easter to All Diyers
Lots of Shinkoh . mills and Jensen on the 3rd page
I won't be able to post before 14th ,
- pair of Lundahl LL1679PP opt's - 200GBP SOLD
- TenTlabs negative bias supply - 80GBP RRP 165GBP
- elma input selector switch - 20GBP RRP 40GBP
- TenTlabs heater supply - 20GBP RRP 35GBP
- Power transformer 230V to 310V-320V , 50V, 6.3Vx4 (I need to check load) - 50GBP,
- Mundorf MLytic HV+ 470uF x4 - 80GBP for lot (retail price 40GBP/each) SOLD
- Mundorf TubeCap 47uFx2 -20GBP for lot SOLD
- Mundorf TubeCap 20uFx2 -15GBP for lot SOLD
- K&K Audio stepped SM attenuator built on Seiden switch - 60GBP RRP 125GBP
- CMC 9-pin sockets x4 - unused - 20GBP lot
- Shinkoh resistors - ask for values SOLD
- 100k stepped attenuator ,23 steps , chinese switch , Kiwame resistors -25GBP,
All capacitors have been used for testing purposes and bare some burned marks to the outer plastic foil
I have more stuff to come but not enough time to go through it , I try to do it soon .
If price seem to high send me PM with your offer , I try to answer ASAP but there may be delay as I am not at home .
All prices + p&p from UK
Some more stuff on the second page (sowter opts , power trafo , tubes ,etc)
I am away till 14th of April , if you have any questions send me PM , I try to answer daily
I guess 14th is a deadline , after that I will list what's left on E-Bay
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At the moment I have following resistors
27R/2W unused x4
68R/2W used , shortened legs x4
2k2/1W used , shortened legs x4
82k/1W used , shortened legs x4
390R/2W used , shortened legs x2
220R/1W used , shortened legs x2
220R/1W used , shortened legs x2
whole lot is worth in retail above 150GBP I let it go for 50GBP ,sorry not selling individually .
Different tubes also available
El34 =C= Svetlana quad + spare tube - used for 4 months
2C51 pair used for couple months Western Electric JW
Telefunken 801S - used for 5 months
Mullard CV4004 , ecc81 x4 - unused
Telefunken Ecc81 45 degree o- getter pair used for 5 months
How much for the Telefunken ECC81 shipped to Spain?

Could you post pics?
<> mark bottom , codes were the same but rubbed off - 38GBP shipped
I know , Royal Mail actually charges over 10GBP but I am willing to swallow part of it . More items you buy I will try to make postage free, but I can't sell for example switch worth much more than I list for and post it for free.
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I'm trying to convince my wife to send some of my iron I bought for new amplifier , but if I loose and she's got some good arguments , to be honest ( I can order it again when we settle a bit)
- pair of unused Sowter 4k5 100W 40%UL 0-2-4-8 ohm taps - paid 550GBP unused , one still unpacked
- power transformer 400W EI core Primary : 0-220-230-235V secondaries 340V/100mA, 160V/100mA, 120V/100mA, 410V/400mA, 410V/400mA - paid 150GBP unused
- toroidal 100VA , paid 70GBP , unused
SEC:3.15V - 0 - 3.15V @ 2.5A
2x [3.15V - 0 - 3.15V @ 5A
2x [3.15V - 0 - 3.15V @ 1.5A]
- pair of 8H/350mA chokes - paid 70GBP

make me an offer , I'll think about
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Are the Mlytics still available?
No , Mundorf caps and Shinkoh resistors were sold

Hi guys
Please don't be offended by what I'm going to ask , and it has nothing to do with your question , buzzforb.
I'm going through quite difficult and intense time of my life , looking for new house in the new place , starting new job ( still doing old one ) , trying to decide what to take with me and what to sell.
Please make sure before you start asking about postage cost if you really are interested in buying , I am working abroad right now and checking how to ship stuff cheapest takes big chunk of my evening .
Thanks guys , as I mentioned before 10% off or make me an offer and I will go back to you.Postage cost for small bits is around 8GBP within EU , Lundahl transformers weight 5KG (total) and parcel will be approx. 12x12x20 cm. Please go to Parcel2Go | Courier Services | Express Parcel Delivery Company and choose your country to find shipping cost , small bits please go to Royal Mail | Royal Mail Ltd .
Thanks for your consideration
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