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Lot of 240+ Holco H2 resistors - non magnetic NOS type

Hi All

I have one bundle lot of Holco H2 resistors to offer.
The values /qty in the lot:

4K75 x11
1K x5
2K21 x3
1K21 x4
10K x42 0.1%
20K x4
3K48 x5
16R5 x8
22R x2
33K x6
49K9 x6
1R8 x5
6K8 x8
12K x8
220K x6
121K x8
392R x2
1K5 x6 0.1%
1K5 x9
3K16 x5
5K6 x4
475K x2
820K x9
82R x4
390K x9
12R x54
20R x8

243 resistors

One lot only, no splitting, bargain priced at GBP30.00 for the lot
+ postage/Shipping @ GBP3 UK, GBP7 Europe, GBP9 elsewhere

Please PM if you'd like them.
Be quick as my Holcos have been snapped up quickly!



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