Looping for an replacement for OMRON G2V-234P 12 VDC Relay


I have a small problem with my BRAUN Turntable P4 and I think the problem is the OMRON G2V-234P 12 VDC Relay. I would like to change it but it is out of stock. This Relais switches of the sound output before the turntable starts playing. And every time the relais is clicking I heard a crackling sound out of the speakers.

Can anybody help me finding an replacement? Maybe the OMRON G5V-2-H1 12DC is an alternative?

Best regards from Germany,
I could not find the datasheet for OMRON G2V-234P but if the footprint, voltage/current rating and NC/NO contacts arrangement are the same then yes, it will fit. From the photos the relays look similar. There is another relay, Omron G6A-234P which looks similar too but I can't check dimensions.