Looow tuning


First post!
About to build a 27cuft (3x3x3ft) sub enclosure for my Shark 15", and while I've never heard of it either...it plays 17Hz in free air with 1.5cm+ Xmax with no noise, so I reckon it's good to go tuned at about 22, which I have included the plot for.

Just wondering if anyone's tuned this low and what does it feel like down there?! ;)



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Hi Psychobiker

Would that be from Italian pro audio supplier "Viscount"?


If so, they say it's good down to 35hz in their cabinet. Do you have any T/S specs for the driver? - you'll need them if you're hoping to get low.

I noticed from the screenshot you are using an early version of WinISD.

Grab the latest version 0.50a7 (pro) as it contains better graphs, including Port airspeed vs frequency, which you are going to need.

I have built some subs tuned for 18hz and they are great for explosions on DVDs (for the very few titles that have content that low). One thing I have found is that tuning low costs you outright SPL, meaning that you might have to "top up" your pleasure with an additional sub tuned a bit higher.

I'll second Rademakers;)

Low tuning also has other advantages asside from response to extremely low frequencys. You also get lower group delay in the range that you will actually hear and this will make the sub sound very similar to a sealed box(depending on how low you tune)

27 cubic feet is a HUGE enclosure..... Look at the Xmax graph on WinISD and see how much power it will take to get to the limit... It shouldnt take much to get there