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Looking to unload my ProAc 2.5 clones.

To make a long story short, I am ProAc-ed out. Build this speakers a few month ago and want to start some other projects.
Veneer: Birds Eye Maple with Burl Walnut bases.
X-over: Jac’s schematics. 14 gage Solen perfect lay air core inductors on the woofer, 14 gage Goertz copper foil on the tweeter.
Solen capacitors with 0.01 bypasses on the tweeter section.
Resistors are 12w mills.
Crossovers are housed in the bases so they could be inspected.
Cabinets are building with variable density laminations.

Anybody knows anybody?
Asking $1600

Hi-res pictures will be available in a couple of days but I do have most of the steps photographed, including internal bracing and so on.

Flared ports also.



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