looking to get rid of some blown amps and some freebees


2010-12-03 2:37 am
im not sure if here is the right place to post this but im looking to get rid of around 10 blown amps that i have collected thru the years and have no time to work on them .my family is not really happy with all this stuff around the home so they gotta go + the last think i wanna do after 10 hours in the shop doing semi truck repairs is to work on amps

here is sample list
autotek mm4000.1 -on protect -20 bucks
2 hifonics 2000 watts -10 each protect light
hifonics 1600watts-10 protect light
fosgate bd1000a1 and x1000.1 - 15 each older units -protect light
alpine mrp-m1000- blue light flashes -10
fosgate power 1100a2- 45 volts on the speaker terminal -20 bucks

All amps are complete ,no repair try on my side ,sold at scrap prices.Im looking for someone in the Chicago area to pick em up as shipping is a hassle .i can be contacted thru texts at 773 366 0267