Looking for USB male PCB mount


i made a USB filter and it works pretty well. however, it's a pain to solder.

on the receiving end, there is a USB B female socket. B type is chosen as most USB DACs use B sockets.

on the transmitting end (the end which goes to your DAC) is a B male.

the problem is, i have trouble sourcing for B type male plug of PCB mount. it's easier to find cable mount but so hard to source for PCB mount.

please, i'm looking for B type. i don't want to go for A type as i don't want to change my USB cables.

anyone seen this? know a source?

checked the usual suspects like digikey, mouser etc but to no avail.

unless i'm blind....


You are not going to find a PCB mount male type USB plug since these are designed to go on the cable. All USB plugs on devices are females.
If you use the same type of plug on both ends of your filter and then by mistake you connect the cable the wrong way around you are going to have the USB pins reversed, causing a short circuit.
Following the USB standard you should use the following configuration to interface your device.

PC [USB A female] -> Cable PC end [USB A male] -> Cable filter end [USB B male] -> Filter PCB [USB B female] -> Filter PCB [USB A female] -> Cable filter end [USB A male] -> Cable device end [USB B male] -> Device [USB B female]
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so you are proposing a cable interface between my filter pcb and computer?

filter pcb [usb a female] -> [usb a male] usb cable [usb b male] -> dac [usb b female]

i see what you mean. i'll think about this as this arrangement kind of defeats the purpose of having the filter.

the filter pcb houses a common mode inductor which provides common mode termination to the data lines as well as common mode noise rejection. so having another cable, though we could make this short, isn't exactly a great idea.

gee, i guess i may have to resort to manually wire the connector to the pcb then.