Looking for updated info on class A amp


2010-09-15 4:01 am
After lurking here for almost a week, i've read trough this whole thread, gatheried info, builds, suggestions, etc... I guess it's time i say Hi! :-D

It's been a while since i "played" with electronics. I studyed electronics in 94, and we build the JLH with 2n3055's as a project back then. I gave it away, but i always regretted it so i think it's time i make another. :)

Most, if not all my knowledge about electronics are forgotten, also the most advanced equipment i got, is a soldering station and a multimeter. I consider this a fun way to pick up electronics as a hobby again. :)

From what i've found, this is the most recent update to the JLH Class A - High Power Circuit? (Figur 3)

The Class-A Amplifier Site - JLH Class-A Update

And figur 2 is the most recent "normal" one?

I can't wait. I'm getting the PCB's etched today, using the Gerber files by Geoff from 2005.

I've read a lot of helpful posts by so many of you, you have already helped me tons :)