Looking for sweet sounding amp with balanced/differential input

You probably by default won't find in class D what most consider sweet sounding. They usually are not colored imo, but you can make them "sweeter" by utilizing tailored input stage. I use purifi 1et400a, and they are the most musical class d i've had. But i did use for a while b1k nutube and skipped opa buffer om eval input. There are also purifi amps with nutube input buffers, i belive atm audio.
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Gentlemen, thank you very much for the suggestions!

My motivation is simply to try something out. I have plenty of suitable amplifiers, from various LM3875 composite amplifiers up to a balanced Pass F4 clone.

In this case I don't need more than 2 watts per channel and I like the idea of providing this tiny power as efficiently as possible. If I don't like the result, I just try something else. Fun experimenting, like decades ago with my first Gainclone ...

What do you think about this: https://store.sure-electronics.com/product/AA-AB32996
The Sure TPA3116 board's output filtering looks quite elaborate. I'll figure out it's schematic.


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