Looking for Sony CDP-XA7ES Fluorescent Display...

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I'm looking for a replacement Fluorescent Display for my Sony CDP-XA7ES CD Player. I just purchased it on Kijiji.ca but the seller neglected to inform me of the fading Fluorescent Display which is getting dimmer the longer the player is powered on.

I believe that the part description/number is: Sony display part FLD801 (1-517-357-11 INDICATOR TUBE, FLUORESCENT).

The symptoms are: track number is lighter at the bottom as well as the minutes and seconds in the display. The bottom row or numbers, from 11 to 15 are very much lighter than the first two rows of track numbers in the track display grid.

If anyone has this part or any ideas, I'd love to hear from them. Also, I was curious to know... When the display does eventually become so dim that it can no longer display the current track, time and track "15" grid, will it affect the quality of sound or the function of the CD player?
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Can't help with where to get a new one but a couple of thoughts...

1/ If its been unused for some time then you might find the darker segments 'recover' their emission if you leave them illuminated. We are talking a few hours constant illumination. There is a slim chance there could be a display test mode pin on the display driver chip that if enabled lights all the segments.

2/ Check for any dried out/failed electrolytic caps in the power supply that derives the negative rail/filament supply for the display. That's a common issue across all makes and models.

Sound quality is unaffected.
Music Calendar display restricted to only 15...

Thank you Mooly & Salar...

I'm certain that both the CDP-X5000 and the CDP-XA5ES both share this unusual Fluorescent Display with their newer sibling, the CDP-XA7ES. I say "unusual" because the Music Calendar (aka Track Grid) only displays three banks of five song tracks for a total of 15 tracks.

But the CDP-X3000 seems to have a different arrangement in the way that a fourth horizontal row of five tracks has been added for a total of 20 displayed song tracks.

Funny that the solidly built CDP-X5000 & CDP-XA7ES are restricted in that they only display up to 15 music tracks on their Fluorescent Displays.
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