Looking for selectable dual clock

I have seen Ian Canada's double clock board but this is already to much functionality for what I am looking for.

In basic I only need a selection board with 2 clocks (in my case 22.579 and 24.576) with a high/low input to select which clock I want.

I guess it is easy to make on a breadboard but if there are already finished PCB's to which I only need to install the clocks and connect some wires I would be very happy already.

Any suggestions ??
As this clock was meant to be used with my Beaglebone Black with the Botic driver from Miero I have gathered more knowledge by reading most of the 150+ pages of the Miero topic.

The driver also supports a single external clock for example the 44.1k and multipes and still use the internal BBB clock (24.576) for 48k and multipes.
As I have a Tentlabs clock with 16.394 which I used in my CD player some years ago I can re-use it now for the BBB as the only external clock.
16.394 is probably not sufficient for 176.4k audio but I have no such files anyway.

So no double clock needed anymore .... for now ;-)