Looking for Schematic/Service manual for amplifier board for JBL VT4888DP

Hi I'm looking for schematic/service manual for amplifier board for JBL VT4888DP line array - I'm hoping that it would be easier to acquire as its a discontinued model.
Out of interest do you guys know if it would be possible to get spare parts for this model?

Thanks in advance
I will look at my JBL Pro service files when at the office tomorrow if I remember. This should be old enough it was from before they stopped updating the service data files.

When searching for JBL Pro repair data it all seems to be on the web today if they have released it to authorized service centers.

Just include "service" and "pdf" with the model number in the search request.
@ferret - Thanks Kevin, for the link very useful. There is a free pdf online called a technical manual for the VT4888DP but it only shows an exploded view of the speaker and order info of parts. Does not contain a schematic for the amplifier unit. I am just scared that its the same manual for $5 on that link too. Isn't there any way to preview it?

@simon7000 - It'll be great if you have got it in your archive. Do let me know. Thank you.
Can you find the amplifier part number from that exploded view and then search for that?
I tried doing this and had no luck :( .

what sort of problem are you experiencing with this JBL VT4888DP line array?
Its quite an old system and the current owner bought it second hand. Apparently some of them are having power supply issues and amplifier board issue. I have not seen them yet. Going to check them out this Tuesday. Just wanted to prepare before hand.

I took a look at my files and they seem to have never issued the schematics! Everything they have issued seems to be free on the net!
Oh! This was what I was afraid of...

Thanks so much everybody for your help