Looking for recommendation on horn type for 2 12" speakers


2006-01-07 12:40 pm
Those drivers dont look ideal for a horn design, fs too low. However, one never knows. Download hornresp, input their TS data, click on Tools->System Design->With Driver, say "yes" to the next question, input your desired bandwidth (ie. 32-150 or so) and click on ok. Then the program designs the optimal horn for them. Beware: It will be big! Then proceed to tweak the parameters to achieve an acceptable tradeoff between optimal performance and size. Lastly, you have to fold the horn, build it, and be happy. Total time investment: HUGE, fun factor: also huge (if you are a nerd^^). If not, buy speakers ;)

An alternative would be a tapped horn, however this type has no wizard which designs the beest parameters for you.


2003-04-02 4:34 am


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