Looking for pure copper IEC jack


2005-08-28 5:37 pm
Thanks Dekky! That site is the mother load. I just bought a bunch of stuff from DIY Gene on eBay and its obvious he gets all his stuff from this site and just marks it up. I paid almost $100US above what they items are listed for on this site.

How in the world did you find it?

Regarding the IEC. I was very skeptical when a friend announced I should try it. I did an A/B between it and a regular IEC expecting nothing but a marketing ploy. I was actually pissed at how much of a difference there is.


2007-07-18 7:06 am
I cannot remember how I found them but I think on some forum :D - they are kings. Johnny who runs the business is very reliable. Shipping is accurate and very reasonable. I bought a shitload of them. Pre-amp kit that ended being a headphone amp, soft start boards, relay input boards, CD rom controllers, chasis, DACs you name it.

Everything is awsome quality and CHEAP as ships man!