Looking for phase plug ideas for horn loaded 10" and 12" drivers

I'm dealing with 10" and 12" horn loaded drivers and I'm looking for phase plug layout ideas (or drawings) allowing to get as wide as possible horizontal coverage and smooth frequency response up to as high as possible. Pictures of existing systems are also appreciated. I just need food for thought ;)
Thanks MaVo, this website gave me some ideas and motivation for lathe work :D

Hi Pinkmouse. From Turbosound I only had the chance to study the old TMS-4 compact boxes, and the mid horn and driver combination in this box was not particularly good. I suppose they have much better stuff, so please show me some pictures :)
Here you go. The high and low mids of a floodlight box. Bottom is a 12", the top missing one is a 6.5", removed as the box had been dropped and the VC was seized.


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What frequenzy range are you after? With 10" and 12" you're getting to about 2 kHz best before it gets too tricky... Funktion One gets 6,5 kHz from a horn-loaded 8", but they use custom drivers and their R&D is way better than any of us, DIY-s, can dream about...

I think you could get the "phone band" (300...4000Hz) from a 6,5" driver... with some work. Eminence Alpha 6 (direct radiating it's good up to 5 kHz) is a good candidate. There is a a thread on speakerplans forums about this driver in horn getting to some 3 kHz with a simple egg-shaped plug, so it should be able to get to 3,5...4 kHz, but any higher would get really complicated fast, I quess.


2007-10-09 7:30 pm
take the 2405H slot tweeter as a phase plug concept, then use the diffraction slot to create your aperture to your liking. the phase plug can be constructed by flattening a pvc pipe at one end.
had really good results with the DAS BI10, partly due to the large voice coil and center dome.