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Looking for ORIGINAL GE 6L6GC

Hi everyone!

I am looking for original GE 6L6GCs - seems to be a bit scarce nowadays.

I looked up the usual vendors on the internet, but the list is overwhelming, and I was warned that not all products listed as "GE 6L6GC" were in fact that - other types packed in these boxes etc.

I would like an indication from anybody that actually purchased such tubes recently and could verify that the product was in fact the original article. There are other types on the market, but I have these in my amplifier and would really like to replace some with the same brand, appearance, etc.

Thanks in advance!
Johan Potgieter said:
Hi everyone!

I have these in my amplifier and would really like to replace some with the same brand, appearance, etc.

Hi there.........time from yesteryear tubes has moved on and increasingly near impossible to find originals. You might come some so-called NOS, but at fantastic prices. Faced with the same dilemma, I was forced to revamp and go to recents i.e Svetlana, and other tube vendors. The original tube envelope shape often remains with new issues but the innards and logo might be be different.
We have no choice in a slowly diminishing market but there are still lots of sources.
Not being biassed or preferential in an open market, hunt out the following websites. just a few to mention a few names. Most will export.


The good news is that Groove Tubes is making the GE 6L6GC here in the USA....They have the original tooling from GE as well as original plate material, ect....
I have heard them and they are pretty spot on.... I am not a GT fan and hate most new tubes, but I have to say that GT did the right thing..... For Hi-Fi applications I would use a 8 ratting tube...


anatech said:
Another good tube brand is the Electroharmonix. Their 6L6EH is very good and the prices are realistic. The sound is like earlier manufacture 6L6GC's and they are tough. You can run them in Fender Twins, what more do you want to know?


Nearly all of the recent manuf Russian tubes are made by one manufactuer....and others around the trade re grade/respec and rebrand...other logos on one another products. It's an old game.

I've been using recently made 5881's and 6L6's and last just as long as originals. Although I'd admit I've been staying with one manufacturer.

Hi there..........for MI, I'm using coke bottle 807's....golden oldie KenRads. ...For some amps I'm currently sampling Golden Dragon...5881's and for HiFi Svet KT88's...........the latter aren't cheap. Recently, I've been let down badly by European quality makes of clone KT88's and KT90's (kindly letting some dealers know that I shan't do business with'em anyore).......so I'm going through a patch of paying more for hopefully more reliable stuff from CCCP & Orient.

In saying that, a year or two back I ripped off the emperors clothes regarding tube quality from the Orient and nowdays quality has perked up....to some extent that some KT88's currently produced have higher anode diss ratings than originals. That's great for the thrashing in MI. Don't underestimate using large power tubes for middlish power applications....they can last longer and sound different. I would add, I treat my amps in such a rough way that tube straps for power tubes are a must.

As of always, I'm not biassed to any one user or make, but I do avoid certain brands.

I have (4) GE 6L6GC tubes. 6L6GC have a matrix of dots around the 6L6GC print. Mine have this.

They have however lost some of the printing due to being carried in a tube caddy. They are old stock and the boxes are gone due to extreme wear and tear. Two of them are slightly taller.

Email if interested.