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Looking for Oregon buyer

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Hi All

It's been a number of years since I've been on the Forum. I've stopped playing with diy speakers and I've got a bunch of stuff I need to find a good home for. Nothing high end, but things I'd rather not just drop of at Goodwill. I'll be up front here - I'm hoping to find a buyer in the Albany, Oregon area so I don't have to pack and ship anything. I really hate selling stuff on the net. :)

I've been able to donate most of the big stuff (full systems) to a couple of local churches for their youth group audio/video centers but I've still got some mostly pro stuff left.

Here's a quick list and if anyone is interested, I'll be happy to send pics and more info. The drivers are all in good shape (although they were purchased somewhere around 10-12 years ago) and everything's been stored indoors dry and warm. Other than the FX200's the drivers were all lightly use and none of them were ever abused. I'm not trying to make money here, just enough to cover shipping and a reasonable low ball offer. :)


6 Audax PR170 M0 (two of these have never been used) PENDING

2 B&C DE250-8 SOLD

2 B&C DE10-8 SOLD

2 BMS4540-8 (like new) SOLD

2 Fountek JP3.0 PENDING
- 2-1/2 inch model I think

2 Fountek JP2.0 PENDING
- 4 inch model I think

2 Fostex FX200 PENDING

4 Fostex Fe-164 (free with FX200)
- two of them have been Damar'd

4 Eminence "LIL BUDDY' 10 inch guitar speaker drivers.
1 of the 3 has a small oops screwdriver puncture. It's hard to find. :)


Ashly XR2001 3way XO
Ashly XR4001 4way XO SOLD
- Ashly is no longer making these models

Outlaw 7100 (7 X 100watt) SOLD
- also not in production

New in box Behringer CX2310 3 way XO.

NAD C162 Pre Amp (having trouble finding the remote :) SOLD

Anthem Pre "Silver" (6922 based) SOLD
- I'll have to retrieve this from the attic for the exact model, but it's out of production. Nice preamp. I think it's a Pre1L with the silver wiring.

- I don't recall who I bought these from. Rectangular, aluminum, 1" throat, 8.5 X 10 inch with an elliptical exit from the throat. Someone on a forum recommended them. :)

Wave Guides:
- Don't recall who sold these back then either. They're fiberglass CD waveguides. The backs of these were pretty rough and one has a small crack near one of the mounting holes from a littlle too much screw torque.

Inductors: SOLD
- A pretty big box full of various inductors. A few iron core, mostly coil. I can get the all the values if anyone is interested.

So bottom line - make an offer and pay the shipping. I'm really wanting this stuff to go to someone who will appreciate it and I just need the shelf space. If I don't sell it or donate it, it'll all turn to dust. :)

Email if you want some pics. allan@lakerfly.com
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Found another goodie

I keep finding stuff I didn't know I had. :) I just pulled out a mint condition Creek OBH-8 phono stage that probably has about 3 hours of total use. If anyone needs a mint condition vintage phono stage for their vintage listening...:D
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