Looking for opto-couplers for Onkyo DX 6990


After many hours of intense pleasure using my CD player Onkyo Grand Integra DX 6990 (anyone knows about it ?), I am today completely desperate! :bawling:

I have a problem for opto-couplers (or photo-couplers) which have been identified defecting by Onkyo (Onkyo specialist near Paris... where I actually live).

Those are female plugs for optical fibres, which interconnect between digital and analogical boards.

The references for these parts are: FCPA00002AT, and FCP00001AKA. I was said these where made only for Onkyo... which I cannot believe is entirely true.

I have checked with radiospares, farnell, ... indeed nothing at all available. :confused:

Does someone have an idea: where and how to get these parts?

Thank you in advance for any helpful idea!

Benoit, a desperate Onkyo lover :cannotbe: