Looking for nice power supply designs


2004-07-27 10:17 am
I have a Class-A amp who needs about +/-16V and 4 amps as idling current. With an ordinary design with 60 000 uF for each +/- the trafo have 700VA 16V I have to much hum in the silent parts of the music. Can some one give me tips for nice power supply designs?


try using an rCRC PSU or better still rCLC PSU.
the r= transformer resistance.
C=smoothing capacitance. split into two stages.
60mF sounds about the minimum for a 4A bias current.
I reckon you should add an extra stage giving 0r2, 20mF, 0r2, 60mF. and see if that helps.
But, have a thorough look at your power grounding and ensure it is separated from your signal grounding.