Looking for Microswitch (Not Audio Related)

I'm trying to track down a part used in my oil vent damper. It's a limit switch operated by a cam. It failed due to fusing of contacts after many years.

When I look up AVM3405P9, I find one hit for a AVM 3415P9 with a lever. It might be the same switch with a lever, but I can't be certain.

Does anyone know a supplier for this switch?

That's what I suspected. Field Controls probably orders a special version without the levers. I found a dealer that sells them cheap, so I may just buy a bunch and remove the levers. These tend to fail stuck closed, and when that happens, it causes a momentary excess current flow when the cam turns and another switch energizes while the first is stuck. Blew traces off the board and made an audible pop. Repaired board, but one or more switches is bad.
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The same micro switch is sold in different versions of actuator, like lever, rollers, and other variations.
Cherry, Omron and others should be making them, Gilard also makes them in India.

The mounting and current rating are the important things to check while ordering.
Should be easy to find at parts stores.
BTW, a similar switch is common in computer mice, mass produced item.

I have no ties to any named companies above.
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The power of mass production. They have special automatic assembly machines.

Just an example, I have seen Italian mold makers saying successful production of 14,400 hypodermic syringe barrels per hour, like 30 years back.
And many soda / cola bottles are made in 144 cavity molds cycling at less than 10 seconds, that is in millions per year.
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