looking for Jordan JX92 (Pre ”S”)/ JX125 project

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I have an older pair of Jordan JX92 drivers (Pre “S”) that have lain fallow for quite a while looking for a box. I bought them because the idea of crossover design gave me the hives and a single driver speaker sounded simpler than multi drivers. This was probably mid to late 90’s and there was not that much single driver info out where I could see it. I also have a pair of JX 125’s that were slated for bass duties.

So on to the question, what do I do with them?
I was interested in speaker building (as differentiated from speaker design) before things like kids and jobs took all my spare time, but now frankly I am quite out of touch. My level of skill is “trained monkey” show me some plans and I can probably build something.
Music taste (if I can be so bold as to call it that) cuts a wide swath from acoustic Jazz to Ambient Groove/Electronica. Lately most of my audio input time is spent in front of a computer and I thought something along the lines of nearfield monitor with bass augmentation would be nice.
Any directions to look in (remember these are NOT the “S” model) or should I sell these to a deserving party and stick with my Tivoli radio setup :)
(And yes I searched but everything seems to be for the "S" model)
I think there was not that much change between the S and non-S version. The VC cap has changed, but maybe not much more. I would think the S plans would work on the non-S versions as well. Has anyone experienced these?

The newer caps seem to provide better mid range dispersion. It sounds like the JX125 you have probably use the smaller VC caps too.

I think you will like them.
Jordan Specs (Old JX 92)

Ok a little research says these speakers were @1999-2000 production. When I bought them there was little talk of Jordan driver speakers, fast forward a few years and there are all these really cool speakers being created by some obviously talented people. I knew my limitations when I bought the drivers and the only thing that has changed since then is, I have better access to high quality woodworking equipment, and even less of a clue about designing speakers.

I searched through an old backup tape and found the specifications for the old JX92. If anybody is interested I also have what appears to be a fair amount of the material (if not all) from the EJ Jordon site Circa Apr 2000. Including About Ted Jordan, System Designs, JX 92 & Linear Array plans, System Design, and Technical specifications of the JX series (52, 62, 92, 125, 150).

I am not sure of the best format to attach these files so for the moment I will use PDF and hope it works.


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Linear Array & JX 92 Enclosures

This is Ted's box design for the old 92's. A friend built me a crude pair of boxes based on these dimensions a couple of years a go and they seemed pretty clunky (and too leaky to get a good feel for how the drivers sounded), I was hoping for something a bit sleeker but at this point I just want to hear some good sound.

Again I appear to have the complete contents from thr EJ Jordan site @ Apr 2000, if people are interested.


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System Design (Base & Crossover)

So the question is did anybody build these back in the day? Are there better designs out now for a kid/wife friendly, small room, nearfield environment (loaded Q, I know)? Can I mount those boxes 2-3 feet apart on my wall in front of my desk and get decent sound?


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You have the makings of an excellent sat/sub system. The 92 differs from the 'S' version in being a little less efficient and, I believe, no sheilded magnet. The current TL design on the Jordan website should work ok if you want to run these from 45Hz up. I'd guess that the MLTL designs are more critical wrt driver parameters. Alternatively, build a nice, solid sealed box of around 8 litres and crossover to the JX125s at around 100Hz.

Regarding the 125s, you could run these sealed or use in a ported enclosure. Although the old Jordan site gave a design for two 125s per side in a 66 litre box, it never gave an enclosure for a single 125. I asked Ted for a one a while back and he suggested 33 litres with a vent of 2 inches diameter and 11 inches long. You could use the 92s without any form of crossover (let the enclosure roll off the bass) and put an inductor in series with the JX125s to roll them in. (I have a value for that from the old site, if you don't have it.)

GM has also produced a MLTL for this driver. The enclosure would be bigger than the BR - It depends how you want to go. Any of these options should tell the Tivoli where to get off ...

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and here is a tapered triangulated TL for the JX125....



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Wow, thanks to all.
Using the information at Dave provided I even found myself back on the single driver website (last visit @ 4-5 years ago) and lo and behold someone with the almost exact same Q as me (Old JX92’s).

Colin thanks for the JX125 insight (on both forums), I believe I do have the inductor value somewhere (Ah yes even posted it 5mH).

I will do a bit more research to get back up to speed then start drawing.
Again a warm thanks to all.

I just completed a pair of Jordan 125, vented enclosures,as you indicated,using 2'' vents. They could almost be used as full range , but I use them as 33 L bass units for the Jordan line array.The array had to be padded down with 11 ohm resistor and the bass unit using various coils from 1.9 to 2.7 MH ,the 125's and the 52's are a natural match,and the sound i'm getting already, makes this project well worth it.
PS. I did use the new Jordan 52's in my 5 L array enclosures ,test tone indicates they went down to 125HZ ,but sounded much better from 250HZ and up.

Hi Joe

Glad to hear the 33L enclosures worked out. Did you use the recommended freq compensation for the JX53 array (on the Jordan site)? How low do the JX125s reach?

I'll put together my own array over the next 2 or 3 weekends but using them in an offset TL enclosure, which may help them get to 120Hz or so. I'll report back when done.


I have the parts fore the freq. comp,just haven't used them yet. The 125's go down to about 35Hz .Also I have replaced the 2 jordan 125's in my 66L sub.[ one was bad], and used Adire's new 6.8 ,they are almost the same size.I had to change the vent size and lengthen it. I find they make a good substitute , plus they have mutch greater umph . It still is sad to see the 125's go.Good luck on your project.

nice to hear these news

I've built a couple of vented enclosures (around 35 liters ) and I'm going to fit these jx125 boxes with with a couple of ribbons AC g2SI.
I made some evaluations on the xover using bassbox pro and xover pro software, and i found a decent design (on paper, still not tried) crossing the jx 125 with a first order filter at 2200hz and the AC g2si at 2500-2800 Hx with a 2nd order Chebichev filter+ lpad .
Have anybody experienced something like this (or similar)?


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