Looking for help with an NAD 7250PE

Hey everyone. I just joined here so first post. I'm fairly handy with things but circuit boards and such are not my forte. I have a NAD 7250PE that I just pulled out from a very long nap. When I turn the unit on the radio station led does not turn on. Additionally, I do not hear the click of the "relays?" which accompany the two NAD 2200PE's I have. When I push in the power button the nearby table lamp dims a bit for a sec so maybe it's drawing some juice? The switched outlet on the back of the unit works as well as the unswitched outlet. I replaced both the fuses on the top board and it made no difference. Those are the MDL 1/10 and MDL 3/8. The 3/8 was not working so I was really hoping it would be that simple. I have attached a photo of the upper board and the fuses I replaced. There is another photo attached of two other fuses that are 125v 4amps I believe. They look okay but realize they could be bad also. I have not tested them.

Does anyone know if these are all the fuses in the unit?
This unit worked the last time I had it hooked up. Is there a punch list of some type that should/could be done for units that have napped for like a decade. The 2200's power on fine.
Does anyone have an idea of maybe what might be wrong with things based on what I've written? I realize that's maybe a needle in a haystack question. :)

Thanks! Mike




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