Looking for Heathkit AD-1702 Xover schematic

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AD 1702 Schematic

I want one too , manual included would be nice too.
I f someone would go to their Staples or Office Depot , etc, with their schematic and get it copied FULL size , they can do 24 by 36 in copies , and mail it in a mailing tube I would be glad to pay costs and mailing.
A copy of the manual would be nice too.
AD 1702 and AD 1701 schematics

Won't someone who has the AD 1701 output indicator and the AD 1702 crossover go to their local Office Depot and get full size copies of the schematic ? They CAN do this.
Please send them to me in a mailing tube and I will be happy to cover the costs. I have some copies made of the AP 1800 preamp and the AA 1600 power amp for trade. These copies only cost me about $1.50 each.
Thank You
Edward Lipman
AD 1702

Linux :
If you would go to the Office Depot store with the schematics they can make full size copies of both of them. I would like the full size sch. instead of a scan.
I would like the scan of the manuals and the assembly drawings too.
Thank You
Edward Lipman

Please PM me if there are any questions and my address. I will be glad to pay for the copies. The last time I had copies done it was about $1.50 for each copy.
I can photograph the whole schematic, as a whole. you can then zoom around it and see the section you want. my photos are usually pretty sharp so the single photo should probably do it for you, I guess. I'll post a reply here with the link when I have it ready.

as for copying the whole book, I can ask if they'll do it but I've heard a LOT of stories about photocopy places refusing to copy whole works unless you are the author. they even refuse to copy or print things that you, yourself, own - if the thing 'looks too professional'. (I've heard the same about photo stores that won't print a photo unless you sign a statement saying you are the original artist). its insane, isn't it? but it seems quite common for copy shops to refuse jobs.

I don't mind photo'ing or scanning in some more sections. assuming we can't get a full copy of the book, what would you like and in what order of prec? ;)

btw, I have my crossover and I'm about to power it up for the first time in maybe 10 yrs. I'm thinking of upgrading all the electro's (should I?) and also getting newer op amps for the ones that matter (all the ones other than the quad comparitor which is just some led indicator threshold thing and not in the signal path).

I also wonder if its worth upgrading the E transformer with a toroid?
did you get the url in your browser and then do a 'save as' ?

if you view the file fullsize (1:1) you will find its good quality. you just have to zoom in.

the key is to save the file OR know how to view things 1:1 with your browser. which do you use? in firefox you simply click on the image and it will toggle between scaled (probably what you saw) and the 1:1 bit for pixel image.
I put the image file back on my site for you.

try an ftp client to fetch the file. I suspect your browser is doing something to the download.

I just checked the file and its perfectly readable. no need to print and mail it when its already readable in electronic form.

(please also press your capslock key, if you don't mind. we don't like shouting...)


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2004-06-06 8:31 pm
Georgetown, On
Hi linuxworks,
That was very kind of you, thank you!

While I'm talking to you, what do you think of the current release of Fedora 28? I tried the server release a while ago and wasn't successful in configuring it, so I'll try the workstation release. Ultimately I would like to be running a file server under Linux.

Best, Chris
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