looking for dual npn and dual npn smt transistors

I assume you mean NPN and PNP? There are lots and lots of dual parts out there, but most of them are in really tiny packages (e.g. SOT-363) that are hard to solder by hand, such as BC846BS/BC856BS. They also come in larger packages (e.g. SOT-23-6) such as BC846U/BC856U by Infineon. Other manufacturers also make similar ones with different letter suffixes.

Fairchild make some nice ones: FMB100/FMB200. They also do a quad device (2 NPN + 2PNP) MMPQ6700, which is great for where thermal matching of four devices is desireable, although the transistors aren't so great for their individual specs.
BC847/57 is quite nice and dirt cheap.... but real small. I have used those in my monster vinyl amp QSXM2 and in my monster headphone amp QRV-01. The most positive thing in a differential input stage is the temp matching rather than the electrical matching which is rather unspecified.

If you are after extremely low noise and matching maybe SSM2220 anndSSM2210 may suit your needs.

Size dosn't matter. I'be been looking for suppliers of bc846s, bc856s, but been unable to find any that ships less than 1k+ devices. Do you know any? (I live in Denmark by the way).

I want the pairs mainly because of thermal matching, but the enclosed low vbe dispersal is also a plus. Any par will probably do fine. Accessibility seams to be the main concern.

My applicating is the input stage of a self osscilating class d afmplfier. The transistors are to work with a vce of 40 volts, so this vbss should be larger than this.

I have a whole bunch of pumt1, pumz1 anf pumx1 (Philips) pairs, but their vbss is only rated to 30 vols. I've used these devises in simulations and reduced their vce with two cascode couplings. They work very well in this configuration, but devices with a higher vbss rating would simpliy things a bit.
Farnell has bc846s but not bc856s :( I might be able to use bc857s instead, but the vbss is critically low.

I can see that Rohm's making a lot of dual transistors :
IMT4 (2SA1514K×2) and IMX8 (2SC3906K×2) seams interesting, but I can't find anything about noise figures. Do you guys know anything about these devices?

Til Ole
El-supply don't have any dual transistors and Elfa only have the bc8?7 series with a voltage rating of 45Vce. But thanks anyway.