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For unbalanced (RCA) analog interconnects, using a cable or wires other than a co-ax with a heavy braided shield is dumb, dumb, dumb.

Why dumb? I use un-shielded cables and have no noise problem, they sound great! In fact I have made RCA interconnects with simple twisted cheap wire and there is no added noise. Not that I don't prefer better designs than that, but I can't figure out why shielding is needed.
Dumb because:
a] Bill Whitlock writes that a long well shielded co-ax can have up to 23dB less low frequency noise.
b] Because almost every new electrical product that you bring into a home has a built-in SMPS interference generator. Unshielded interconnects are great antennas for this interference.
SMPS interference generator! they are not that bad, and commercial equipemnt should be tested to at least CE for europe and FCC for you lot across the pond... that said we do now live in an RF rich envoironment, mobile phones, digital devices (with there SMPS's:)) mains lines communications do all add to the RF noise that your equipement will face, and this RF can cover a wide band, including 50/60Hz noise from your mains, all will be picked up if you are not careful.
I don't see a reference to John Risch yet, so here's one. A guru on the subject of cables, unfortunately his site is no longer active. There is enough info still out there, though. Years ago I researched this subject to death - satisfied myself that his Belden 89259 recipe was right for me. If you Google around your bound to trip over it.
Basic question; recently purchased a earlier Zu Audio interconnect OxyFuel 1m coax RCA built 2001 I think. Anyway opinions on the use of these solid conductor copper plated steel conductors? I don't believe there still using these style conductors. Any reason other than something significantly better for this purpose, cost no object kind of deal.

"sintered steel core with heavy pure copper deposit platting"
Didn't see this thread until now, so I thought I would post my experience with DIY cables.

I found what seems to be a great, low cost way to make up whatever length of cable I need.
I use Belden 1505A (RG-59U) coax, which is a 3GHz rated video cable. I bought some highly discounted partially used reels of the cable on Ebay (the color is purple).
I use Holland SLC59-RCA compression connectors. These cost just over $1 each.
I bought a nice little stripping tool for about $15, the Holland compression tool for $50, and a cable cutter (makes nice square cuts) for $10.

I cut the coax to length, strip the end, then terminate. Very easy, and I will never again be short of high quality unbalanced interconnects!

Here is a link to info on cables made this way:
DIY A/V RCA Compression Connector Cables

copper coated steel core 75ohm cable is for CATV and other high frequency signaling where skin effect comes into play, for audio I would have thought it is less than optimal, as you want the conductivity of a copper core. These types of cable are not realy for transmitting low frequency audio signals.
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