looking for designs for the WR125


the drivers should be in my possession next week. In the meantime, I'm pondering which cabinet design I should use (and possibly build this weekend).

I'm only ordering a pair of drivers so bipole designs are out of the question. These drivers will be used with a pair of top mounted linaeum tweeters on top (both around the same sensitivity, so not much padding required). Of course this arrangement will require the driver to be positioned very close to the top of the cabinet.

there are a couple of plans on this site that might work, notably the mini-onken but wanted opinions on TL type designs if possible.

Design objective is basically a speaker than is satisying to listen to by itself, though I have subwoofers standing by if needed, so I'm thinking useable 50Hz to 40Hz in room response

As mentioned, I would like to try a TL, if at all possible with this driver . From a post sometime ago by GM, we have various TL calculations http://www.diyaudio.com/forums/showthread.php?postid=672120#post672120

design #2 MLTL might be workeable if I can fold the line to ensure the driver is right at the top

Any other suggestions on designs to try and also on what to objectively optimize if I feed the design into MJK workseets?

what are the subjective differences between an alpha TL and a MLTL and a regular TL?