Looking for Aluminum Extrusion

I've been searching for an aluminum extrusion as shown in this amplifier build. Ive searched the usual places such as Amazon and McMaster-Carr. Any suggestions? I'm in the USA so somewhere local to the US would be nice.



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The basic U channel aluminum extrusion is generic, cheap and easy to find.

"Drilling" is slow, can only give you round holes, and then you have to deal with burrs.

Those holes are *punched* with proper shaped dies, using a manual machine such as this one:


they are very popular here in Argentina, since buying one plus a few extra hand tools such as riveters, etc. you can set up your own "metallic carpentry" shop making custom sliding doors, windows, etcetera.

I guess what you show is a generic prepunched strip sold by the meter, but absolute worst case, your handy local "aluminum carpenter" can help you.

The machine is inexpensive, our local price is about 200 bucks and its uses are invaluable.

I have 2 of them, with lots of dies covering anything such as round holes in all sizes, rounded rectangle ones (rack chassis mounting holes), rectangular ones for rocker switches, D shaped ones for fuse holders, slots for slider pots, etc.

IEC hole dies are too large to be punched in a single hit but I manage them in two halves.

In all, most valuable machines which have paide themselves MANY times.
Without going through each and every listening, all the prepunched angles and flats are steel. Thanks though.

The photo of that unit - appears to have three bolts holding that aluminum angle.
I don't understand the worry over all the other unused holes and slots, unless weight is an issue.
A solid strip I would think, drilled for the three holes would be just fine.