looking for active processors


2013-02-24 1:51 am
So Im new to the forum but please dont blow up my thread telling me to use the search feature... trust me... I have been looking for processors and doing lots of research.

Im looking for something that does and active 3 way crossover, and also does eq.

I am used to car audio... i have an alpine pxa-h701 that does 31 band per channel eq, 3 way crossover, time alignment, dolby digital etc...

Id like something similar, though I am not willing to spend a ton of money on this. I could always get another pxa-h701 and a power supply, but I figured there would be something similar this for an ht setup.

I also plan on doing some computer speakers... Both my home theater and my computer speakers will be run off of computers.... I have a dac preamp on my computer... I plan on building all the speakers and using diy amps and power supplies for that need. All I am really looking for is a 3 way crossover and eq.

list me some options because I an do a lot of research myself... Of course user reviews are good. I also have access to an rta, so tuning the system manually is preferred.... Though some of these auto eq's seem to be good.


2013-02-20 4:13 pm
I have just recently built my car audio around the minidsp 2x8 board with the 4x10 plug-in running at 96kHz. 3 way front stage (Woof/Mid/Tweet) plus a JL Audio stealthbox sub in the rear. All powered using JL Audio HD amps.
Works great! Clean sound with close to zero noise floor (I can't hear any noise but haven't tried measuring it). I have just started to calibrate it though - have just set levels and polarity. I've done the time alignment using a tape measure but need to fine tune using my ears this coming weekend.