Looking for a Subw for AV & Audio...


2007-11-08 5:13 pm
Looking for a Subw for AV & Audio...

Hi all,

since I bought a new plasma that I put in the same room where the HiFi lies I began thinking about the possibility to build a sub that would be driven by the TV subwoof. output (RCA) channel.

I'm looking for a sub that, anyway, would have some true audiofile inclination as I would make some experiments using it in my hifi, too, though its first employment will be for A/V.

As I'm new to the subw. world I made up my mind to ask to all you in order to get some suggestions.

My present hifi is:
Speakers: proac 2.5 clone
Pre: diy world audio desing phono II
Power: diy world audio desing KAT 6550 PP6550
CD: Philips DVD 963 SA
Phono: Thorens 126 MKII + SME 3009 + Benz Ace Low
Tape: Nakamichi Rx-202

The Plasma is a Pioneer PDP-428XD.

Best regards,