Looking for a reference 3-way project, most preferably based on Audiotechnology

I am looking for a reference 3-way project, most preferably based on Audiotechnology. There are many great Scan Speak designs, but I do not want them. Seas also not.

Drivers manufacturers suitable are (in order of preference):
SB Satori

Bass drivers no bigger than 9", rest I do not mind. Flat front, Troels has good designs, but I will not put them in my living as they look plain ugly with those steps on cabinet.

While for SB there is at least something to be found for a 3 way design, than for Audiotechnology I found nothing. I spend weeks searching forum and all known websites and found nothing. Same for Morel. Only Two way or 2,5.

For Eton there are several projects on German side, one good called Linie54, but I would like to stick to traditional dome tweeter, so than you for ribbons and similar stuff.

It can be paid or free, something than someone made and can share. If you know any source of well made design on those drivers, let me know please. AT is.my very strong preference, if there will.be.nothing here, than I can move forward to next companies.

I would do Jeff Bagby Adelphos, but did not found version with two 8" woofers
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