Looking for a proven WMTW design or kit for HT L-C-R use


2008-01-03 3:25 am
I've been lurking, searching and reading this and other home audio, theather and diy forums for quite a while and can't seem to find what I'm looking for, but this forum is certainly a vast resource of quality info, so my searching hasn't been a waste to say the least.

I would like a good WMTW design for HT use as well as good old fashioned two channel use and can't seem to come across any. I will be using a sub but I can't stand the idea of using speakers that can't produce meaningful low end. Adire did have some insteresting kits that would fit the bill, but they folded and thus those designs are long gone, as well as their drivers.

As far as goals, price isn't really a concern, I don't need to use the cheapest buyout speakers at PE for the project. I'm really just wondering if anyone can point me to a relatively compact project (smaller than the monolith in 2010 at least, huge speakers won't pass the WAF test for me) that can produce respectable full-range sound with a proven design.

Any suggestions on plans or kits that fit the bill?
Thanks all !