Looking for a Good quality 8" Subwoofer


2004-10-26 3:07 pm
Looking for a Good quality 8" Subwoofer

I am in search of a good quality 8" subwoofer for a bedroom system but I am having trouble finding something at a reasonable prices. Around 100-120. Only thing I have found is the Elemental Designs drive but I hate hate hate logos. I did not get into DIY projects to have someones logo all over my stuff. I wanted to get a TC2+ 8" but I know of nobody who has it and buying direct is wicked expensive.

Any help would be appreciated.
Monacor SPH-212 is an 8" woofer with Fs of 30hz; and comes in at 70€ or something.

I bought this one with some SPH-60X drivers from Monacor. The latter ones are in 9 liter bassreflexes boxes in the back of this picture.

The woofer in front is the one that will go in my Ambiorix subwoofer. Search the forum for the thread if you want some ideas.


I don't know how it sounds yet.
I'm *still* waiting for the 18mm MDF to be delivered in my local shop ... :mad: