Looking for a good 1000-20K horn.

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I am looking for a horn to replace a horn in a DJ speaker. Its got a pair of 12's that is awesome. I would like a horn that can run with them. Openng is and I suspect 1200 or so is the cross over to the horn. The woofers are direct on the line so they get everything.
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Hi sriath. Your post is a little hard to understand, but if you want a good horn and driver you can cross at ~1200Hz have a look at the Selenium 1" drivers. Put those on a Dayton or other medium size horn and you'll be good to go.

I think you'd be much better off and cleaner to put a low pass on those 12s.
Selenium 1" OK I will, now they need a horn fitted onto them right - see I have a beautiful horn in this thing cast aluminum powdercoated grey ... I could see if the selenium one fits it.
I am thinking cross over for the 12's too.
However they do work quite well and even with the cheapo horn I slapped in place of the dead horn.
Has anyone tried this driver - GMI (D-69) Compression Driver 750 Watts

They were cheaper than ebay prices and literally the cheapest for that item. Cheaper than the gmi guys who are the manufacturer. Better than that, they were willing to measure the bolt pattern and diameter of the thing for me because I am fitting it into my horn not use the screw on horn.
Anyway, has anyone tried that, I am thinking I'd give it a whirl it has a 1.5K - 20K range unlike most of the rest I tried that stop @ 11K.

The seleniums are 4K and up, my cabinet has 2 12's in it, dont think I can start it @ 4K. The parts-express guys were very helpful, but eventually we concluded that what will fit will not work. And what works will be hard to fit. I was hell bent on using my horn and not buy a plastic thread on one.
Anyway I'll check if it work and post back. I'll hold onto the fostex magnet etc in case it craps out. I can just replace the daphragm and be good.

Friend, you put 750 watts into that GMI thing and you will have instant toast.
Unless they have done something incredible in there, it will be lucky to hold up under 75 watts continuous power.

They rate it at 107dB 1w/1m iirc after I browsed it quickly...

If you want to cover above 10Khz. you need a separate "super tweeter". None of these horns or drivers will make it much past 10kHz, and if you try to EQ it in you have a receipe for distortion, clipping and toasted drivers... fwiw.

Myself, I would advise you against attempting to get anything resembling flat response above 10kHz. Why? Because most of what you will have in ur PA up there is essentially distortion, hash and noise - adds nothing to the sound, actually makes it awful
to listen to. Do yourself a favor and roll it off gently above 10Khz. and give everyone's ears a break. You'll like the compliments on how good ur system sounds.

Also, at least put a simple 12db/oct (2nd order) Low Pass filter on the woofers and get them rolling off around 1-2kHz?? Higher freqs are just wasting power as heat in the VCs of the woofers and adding nothing useful to the sound... some overlap to the lower end of the horn will help, since ur horns are insufficient to carry the energy... but that's another story for another time...

Btw, in order to meet the sensitivity of your woofers, there is likely a padding network to drop the level of the horn down to that of the woofers... probably.

Maybe this will help...

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