looking for a book


2005-02-21 4:56 pm
i'm looking for a book that will explane things like Vcc, Vbe, Hfe, cbe, ect... i have a bunch of electronics books but thay don't explane the subscripts or superscripts<-? if that is what you call them, all i'm really looking for is a book the help me out with these cryptic names of things i come across, maybe somebody here understands what i'm talking about, thanks for you help in advance.

This stuff is so common sometimes people forget not everyone knows it. It is usually described in basic electronics books. In the meantime maybe i can help alittle.

Vcc = Collector supply voltage, basically the + rail
Vbe = is the voltage across the base-emitter, Vce collector-emitter and so on
Cbe = follows the same standard as voltage but the C is the capacitance, so in this case its the capaictance between the base-emitter.
hfe = is alittle trickier, in the basic form its the current gain between the base and collector. There is normally a graph on a transistor datasheet that gives hfe as a function of the collector current.

ect = you have me stumped, unless it stands for etcetera :)