Looking for 2.0 loudspeakers for PC as much treble as possible?

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I'm looking for loudspeakers with a large capacity to give me treble sounds. These days, loudspeakers seem to have a ridiculous emphasis on bass, which I hate because I've had hyperacusis for a long time now, and treble is much easier on the ears. The thing is, I've had two pairs of loudspeakers for a long time, one pretty large from what seems like Aashima Technology, and another smaller pair that broke a year ago or so, and they had nice amounts of treble.

The large loudspeakers have a treble range I could increase to the max or pretty close to the max, and I'm not sure that this was the case with the smaller ones but the sound was so tinny that they also had a pretty tinny feel. It was pretty much the same tinny sensation people complain about and label as bad loudspeakers, but for me they were great.

So I'm either looking to know if big good loudspeakers, which despite their capacity to have a lot of bass, are the ones that can have a lot of treble because they have treble and bass levers and not just tone or bass ones, or if there are tinny loudpspeakers out there in the market that don't give any bass and are totally tinny.

The problem is I bought two pairs of loudspeakers recently, both large and small. The smaller pair was USB powered and I took it granted that because they were small they would have no bass, but boy was I wrong, they have a ton of bass. The larger pair was a pair of T10 Creative Inspire loudspeakers, where I failed to look close at them and see there's no treble lever, just a tone, and the tone just goes from medium amount of bass to ridiculous amounts of bass. I tried to unscrew and break into them to modify them physically but they're too glued up.

So now I can go for the following options- I can spend 50 pounds on Creative Inspire T20 which does have a treble lever, but I'd buy with the risk of them not being good enough for me, with the costs of having to send them back very high. Or I can find loudspeakers on the market that are small and don't have any bass, ones that you've found exceptionally tinny but at the same time not too quiet that you have problems listening to people talking on the PC audio.

Do you have any suggestions? thanks in advance
hyperacusis...I have learned something new today...thank you.

Look for a 3 way speaker system. (bass, mid, tweeter) and attenuate the bass and mid to your requirements. You could even play with the crossover points.

Expensive way:

build a bi-amp or tri-amp system and adjust each crossover point and amplitude to your needs...adjust it on the fly.

IMHO: buying a prepackaged system (as the T20) reduces your options for adjustment.

Good Luck

I played around with a three way- which as I understand is a 2.1 in the past, and despite it having, IIRC, a treble lever, the .1 extra gave it too much extra subwoof as minimum.

Building a biamp sounds expensive and complex, is it?

Can't modify software or sound chip because this is a laptop and windows 7, unless it's the ultimate version or so it can't adjust sound too much.
I'm thinking that starting with a bookshelf two-way speaker that has a sealed enclosure would be the way to go. Then modify the frequency response with software EQ to your tastes. Are you up to building a project or do you want something already built?
Thanks for the input. The windows media player's equalizer looks interesting but windows media player is not as good as other media players out there like VLC, is there a way to apply these sound changes to VLC?

Expensive bookshelf speakers seem to be overkill because I'm really only looking for tinny loudspeakers the kind everyone complains about in laptops. I'm open to suggestions in this department because I was shocked at these ultra modern tiny speakers that had a ton of bass and learnt from buying the T10s not to trust medium priced speakers that have tone where my previous ones had both bass and treble.

I'm also expecting or hoping the speakers embedded inside a benq monitor I'm buying to be very tinny and will take it from there.
I`m using with my PC - Samson — Resolv SE6
very inexpensive, bi-amped, 75W woofer 25W tweeter. Slightly weak bass, but it can be corrected by either good sub

An externally hosted image should be here but it was not working when we last tested it.

These much more tonally balanced then previous A6 model. Before to buy, I asked to to listen both models SE6 and A6. A6 sounds like cheap pocket radio near new SE6 model.
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I'd recommend another look at those Behringers I mentioned - they have 3 seperate eq controls built-in.

LF cutoff, BSC, and tweeter level.

You could cut the bass and reduce the BSC level to minimum to pretty much get rid of any bass, and boost the tweeter level as you see fit.

IMO, its better to avoid using software-based eq, unless that software does everything you want it to (hint: it rarely does).
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