Looking for '03 Accord Stereo HU

I removed the stereo HU from my Accord last night and confirmed that I have a burned out IC chip in the amp section. It's a 20-30 pin IC chip and the label has been toasted so there's no way I'm going to be able to replace it.
So, I'm now looking for an inexpensive way to replace the stereo HU. I will try the local junkyards but I'm concerned about the stereo's built in anti-theft device. Once power is disconnected you are required to enter the security code. I doubt that a junkyard would have the security code. Is there any way to aquire the security code from Honda? If so, what information do I need to supply?
I tried Ebay and I didn't see any of these stereos listed. So if any of you have one of these for sale we might be able to strike a deal.