Lookin for some PCB's for beefy amp


2008-05-20 6:22 pm
Looking to build a beefy amp. I'm aiming for 200-300WPC x 2. I have PCB's of my own which are based on the LM3886 BPA200 design with servos but the size and shape of the board doesn't work for what i'm building.

I'm curious what my options are and what boards there are floating around. Also curious if anyone has built an amp around a driver chip such as the LM4702?

my other large concern is power supply. For an amp this size turn on current draw is a concern. I was thinking a switcher but that seems too difficult to me at this time unless someone can recommend one for this.

I'm thinking something in the area of a 600-1000VA transformer and around 100,000uf worth of filtering.

My enclosure size is around 15" x 15" x 6" and fans are an option.
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I was looking at those the other night.
why did you not say this?
Am I understanding this correctly that it is capable of 200-300W from a single channel into 4 ohms.
no. You have misread the specification.
These driver chips can handle upto 200Vdc supply. They do not need to be bridged for high power output. If you were designing for absolute power output, expect near 1kW into 4r0 (89Vpk) from these chip drivers.