Longer lead wire for SUMITOMO AWM 2896???

ok heres the deal i need to get a wire that will do the same thing as the one i have but i need it longer....as long as possible.....i have the lead wire it says on it SUMITOMO-M AWM 2896 80C VW-1.....its for a audiovox screen. I found the wire i need but i cannot tell what the size difference is and how big is it and i have no way to order it....so any help in this matter would be appreciated. THANK YOU


2008-12-04 2:21 am

the two items you are suggesting are 22pin cables and the one mentioned below is a 40pin cable. I am looking for exact same spare part for my Mitsubishi WD-62525 TV.
I already downloaded the complete catalog from Digikey and the closest I found is HFF-40U-05-ND that has a 127mm long and 20.5mm wide with 0.5mm wire... $4.95. I am waiting for delivery to make sure it was the right one.
Rgds, RAC