long cables

I'm playing around with an aleph project, and I have a few questions to the experts...

What can I expect when I use long (1.2m) cables to connect the differential amp to the output stage?

What happens to the sound if I change the feedback resistors to 10k and 1k?

What voltage rating is requiered for the DC-blocking cap in the feedback loop?

So, I think that's all for now...
Hello Pumuckel,

3. the voltage rating should be 6,3volts or higher.

2. don´t know what happens to the sound but surely the input impedance for the balanced input would go down and become unsymmetrical if you don´t change the input resistors. If I´m not mistaking the Aleph3 has got 1k and 10k feedback resistors (and no symmetrical input).

1. don´t know but I don´t have a good feeling about this.

so I tried it today, and I must say it was the biggest 'downgrade' I ever did.

what do you mean by long sinks. I only connected the front end to the output stage with those long cables, because I wanted it outside of the amp, both channels and a pot for volume regulation in the same case.

I will now try short cables, and see if the problem is gone. but mayby I messed up with something else.

It now sounds like my old harman amp...

Pumuckel said:

what do you mean by long sinks.

I thought your heat sinks were 1m long and input board was on one end and output stage on the other.;) It looks like you want to get rid of an active preamp and have the convenience of it. What about the passive unit, wouldn't it work in your setup? The best way is to place the volume control just at the input of the amp. If you don't have monoblocks you don't need long cables, short ones will do.
the problem is that I'm sinking 1200W for each channel, and yes that are monoblocks. I was using a pot, but I had to use a 500Ohms pot, because of those cables, but my dac doesn't have enough power to drive that load.

mayby I'll use a switch in each amp....

sorry for not replying so long, but I had no I-net connection.