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    Building, troubleshooting and testing of these amplifiers should only be
    performed by someone who is thoroughly familiar with
    the safety precautions around high voltages.

Loctal 6SN7?

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Loctal sockets


I like the sound characteristics of the 7N7 or 7A4 better than the 6SN7.

I used the new ceramic type loctal sockets but they seems getting loose very easily. Now I am using the NOS loctal socket which give me the perfect contacts.

Try them out. They are very nice.

Loctals are very nice, but right now I have two boxes of them, so if anyone is interested I'll be very glad to pass them on for a "reasonable consideration". I have all kinds including rare early ones - 7N7, 7AF7, 7A4 etc and their 12v versions. I won't use them so, since they're very nice tubes, they should really go to somebody who will use them. Let me know if interested. Andy
Interesting subject ;)

I have a 845 SET amplifier with 6sn7 and 6sl7 tubes, and I am currently on the lookout for new supplies of tubes to try out.

Have I understood you correctly in that there are possibilities for using 7v7-tubes (and other similar substitutes) by using a socket converter or by replacing the octal socket with a loctal-socket ?

If it is true as you say, that they sound better, I figure it might be worth the changes :)
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I've heard pre-amps based on 2C22/7193, and I've heard pre-amps based on both 7N7 and 6SN7, but I've not compared directly. All sounded good at the time.

I use both 7N7 and 6SN7 in my designs, and to say that one sounds better than the other would be to perpetuate a misconception. I've noted no such distinction - both sound equally good, and in many cases there are no significant differences between the types which is as should be as the materials and construction are usually virtually identical for a given brand, plant location, and vintage of 6SN7/7N7/12SN7/14N7..

The motivation has been that loktals are a bit obscure, aren't used in any boutique brand high end audio gear and consequently haven't been discovered by the brainless unscientific mystical toy boy appliance operating audiophile contingent. :D (Sorry I couldn't resist.) As a Consequence prices have remained very low for what are in most cases very good early post ww2 tubes. Just try to find Brimar 6SN7 for a reasonable price and you'll understand what I am nattering on about.. ;)
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