Loading a Denon DL103R


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Are there any issues if loading with 0 ohm, i.e. working in current generator mode of operation?

I know a number of people who are doing this with the DL-103 and low noise bipolar op-amps, apparently it works just fine. I haven't tried it with mine - I'm using Partridge 977 which work great for me straight into 47K.. (and they're only abou $80 a pair on ebay.uk)
I just asked it because I own a DL-103 with a Dynavector PE-1 "Phono Enhancer" MC head amplifier. I could not find any circuit diagram from the latter, but I have the manual, and it states the input represents an "unusual" load to the cartridge. There are shielded transformers and opamps inside (without type number). I suppose it is an active/passive I/V converter.