load on amp?


2007-12-01 12:51 am
Hello, I have hooked up my Rotel five channel amp to power all the woofers in my fully electronicly crossed system. I have another anp running the tweeters. My speakers all have two six inch woofers and one tweeter in each. The problem is when driving my system hard for a long period of time, about forty min. or so, the five channel Rotel amp goes into thermal shutdown. This is when listening to concert type dvd's not movies. I have wired my woofers in each cabinet in parrallel, so I "think" I'm at about a 3 ohm load at some freq's. I don't want to go series I think, as this will maybe be too much resistance??? could I just maybe use a large wattage 2 ohm resistor on each woofer speaker lead? I know this will waste power in heat and noting will be gained but It will make a easier load for my amp, won't it?