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salve a tutti
indubbiamente conoscete già questo schema della Texas!
quello che volevo chiedere è se vale la pena sostituire questo schema con quello che loro forniscono nel datasheet?
in qualità sonora c'è un guadagno aprezzabile?
secondo punto riguarda l'antibump di cui allego lo schema.
e funzionante oppure lo butto alle ortiche.
ciao a tutti
Hello everyone
undoubtedly already you know this pattern of Texas!
I wanted to ask it is whether it is worth replacing this scheme with what they provide in the datasheet?
in sound quality there is a aprezzabile gain?
second point concerns the antibump and attaching the scheme.
and running or I throw it to the winds.
Hello to all


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The overshoot is terrible.
It will exaggerate all the transients and sound horrible.
DC coupling is for advanced Builders only.
Use AC coupling. At the Input and at the NFB lower leg.
Fit output gate protection Zener+diode.
Why 1r for output Zobel? Is that an NS recommendation?
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Hi Andrew,
DC coupling is for advanced Builders only.
Direct coupling isn't often a good idea for any designers. The safe ones can be counted on with one hand. Carver would be one. There are some amplifiers that used a triac to "crowbar" the output (forgot the brand). Generally speaking, if you develop a fault in the amplifier that uses direct coupling, the only way to save the speaker(s) is to remove the power supply as quickly as possible. Getting rid of that energy quickly isn't easy. Fuses in line with the output have variable resistance with current flow (= distortion), so that doesn't work. I have seen recently designs that use Mosfets as a relay. I need to experiment with that concept.

Hi Guido,
If you are looking for a good design to build, there are several more than competent designers here. Just follow the design that was successful. Many have PCBs available for purchase. We even have a design in the store that would be an excellent project, then there is Nelson Pass's excellent work there too. That's class A which you aren't interested in given the direction you are going.

praticamente bisogna abbandonare quel progetto!
quali sono i difetti di quello a 4 mosfet snaa058b, ora che ho capito che devo alimentare il mute posso farlo.
la vecchia versione a due mosfet se aggiungo due resistenze di carico da 0,22 ohm, quali difetti potrebbe avere?
p.s. sto ascoltando l'ampli con lm3886 di elektor, non avrei mai pensato che 6 euro potessero suonare meravigliosamente.
inoltre non sembra sino ad ora che abbia bisogno dell'antibump!
lme49830 avrà bisogno dell'antibump oppure no.
cosa si puo fare per migliorare la qualità sonora dell'ampli fatto da elektor e che usa lm3886.
grazie della vostra collaborazione.
basically you have to abandon that project!
what are the defects of the 4-mosfet snaa058b, now that I understand that I have to feed the mute I can do it.
the old version with two mosfets if I add two load resistance of 0.22 ohms, such flaws could have?
P.S. I'm listening to the amp with LM3886 of elektor, I never thought that 6 € could play wonderfully.
Furthermore it does not seem so far that needs dell'antibump!
LME49830 will need dell'antibump or not.
what we can do to improve the sound quality of the amp made by elektor and using LM3886.
thanks for your cooperation.
thanks for reminding me, but as I said in other pages use it on all amplifiers, gives me almost the same results as the one stabilized.
even I am using LM3886 with, and I'm satisfied.
Also if you can be of help to someone in the forum, I repeat what I said yesterday antibump with the LM3886, it does not need.
dimenticavo di dire che lo schema elettrico lo ho scaricato dal sito Texas.com.
la modifica e stata fatta su richiesta di un autocostruttore, inoltre loro non hanno dichiarato che vi potessero essere dei problemi per la realizzazione da parte di un autocostruttore.
I forgot to say that the schematic I downloaded from the site Texas.com.
the change has been made at the request of a DIYer, they also have not declared that there could be problems for the realization on the part of a DIYer.

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