LME49830 in Europe ; where ??

Hello Zen Mod, I'm here in the states but I checked the sites of some of the European suppliers we use, nothing. One thought for you though, Newark Electronics here is the USA is owned by Farnell Electronics. And Newark has the LME49830 listed, so you may be able to contact Farnell. I did notice that even Newark doesn't stock them, and they have a minimum order quantity of 96. Sorry this doesn't help more.


well , boyz and galz ;)

tnx for efforts and for geeking me , as always ;)

I received confirmation that samples from National are shipped to me , and I hope that they'll arrive in this shmucked part of world ,especially because I paid for shipping ;)

anyway - if my tests seem to be fine , I'll need them in bigger quantity ;
not so big , but certainly bigger than 5 allowed pcs for samples .

again tnx for efforts and kind offers ;)
I received my 5 samples in shortest time possible - 4 days after I paid for shipping .

looking at envelope and enlosed papers , I can't figure from where they're sent - Singapore or Germany , but that was not bad .... at all ;)

at least now I have e-mail addy where I can send question regarding availability .....