LME49830 dose not work any body help!

LME49830,2sk1530,2sj201 used.

- Condition -
Mute pin - Gnd
input - Gnd
Power - +-25V

- Problem -
Very high current.
Supply Voltage drop
Dose not adjust BIAS (5V fixed) - AN-1850.pdf, FIGUER 3, J9 connect voltage

Check the wiring was 4-5 times. No problems found.
i need help!


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I like the heatsink and clip on the chip.
Can you give a reference to the pairing?

I do not like all that uninsulated wiring.

First, seek understanding.
My English is very bad.

"Reference to the pairing" What do you mean?
Say easily explained.

Anxiety seems to be wiring.
However, there is no short circuit.
0.8mm tinned wire is used.

First, as I know, gives more information.

MOSFET pair 4 was used.
Is now checking all the MOSFET.

Thanks for your reply.
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First, check whether there is short-circuit in MOSFET.

Before power on , Rp1 (200R) should be adjusted to the maximum resistance.

More importantly, the MOS transistor and temperature compensation transistor should be installed in the same heat sink above. And to place insulation film.