LM4780 parallel amp finished - PSU question

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Hi there,

I finally finished my LM4780 parallel amp using Audio Sector boards (Fig1). I use Avel 25VAC 500VA transformer, so I get about 35VDC for pos/neg rails. I first tested the amp with the fast recovery diodes provided by AS, but it gets really hot for two channels at 35V, so I decided to use two CRC boards lying around. They have 8x2,200uF each. As can be seen from Fig2, bridges become really hot.

When doing this, I found something strange. See Fig. 3.
I first tried Configuration 1, because I have two CRC boards and only one transformer. It produced very loud hum/buzz. compared to using only one CRC board. I don't understand why this happens.

When I series connected to CRCCRC, there was absolutely no hum. (Conf2)

I got curious and tested Conf3, connecting R's of positive and negative rails together, hoping it just parallels C's, and it produced as loud hum/buzz as Conf1. I don't understand this either.

I haven't tried Conf4 because it was hard to access bottom side of the board (and I am lazy to disassemble). It's basically using only one bridge, but use separate CRC boards. What will happen?



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Your drawings don't show what is going on with the earthing - this is very important, and most often at the root of hum issues.

Also, when you say hot, how hot do you mean?

Aside: I don't see any fuses in there - or am I missing something?

Ground/earth are connected from each CRC board to one star ground point. I will add it to the figure later.

The heatsinks become about 45-50 C at full power output.

I don't use fuses in DC rails. I know it's more safe, but since papa (Nelson Pass) doesn't use them for his FirstWatt circuits. I have a proper main fuse.
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If you have 100 mVdc (230 Vac / 50 Hz) or more you have problems. Maybe 50 mVdc at 115 Vac.


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