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LM4780 based "Monoblock" power amplifiers, pair..

Pair of finished LM4780 based power amplifier I don't need any more. Each "monoblock contains two LM4780 chips ( actually four 60W channels..) currently connected parallel in two channels.

So, each "monoblock" is actually stereo amplifier, a pair can be used for active bi-amping, active crossover systems and so on. Each monoblock contains 200W toroid transformer, 53 400 MFD rectifier, two channel inputs and outputs..

Amplifiers are as new, hardly used, working great...as LM4780 should. Selling them mostly for the cost of parts, 240€ per amplifier, 400 for pair... If interested or more info.. please send me a PM.

Shipping ( tacked and insured ) would cost extra 30€ for EU, other countries by arrangement.

Regards, Davorin


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Very nice build.


Thank you, Sachin..
Looks being as always ..."matter of taste", these amps are working flawless. One think I like regarding these "chip" amps ( beside the sound and simplicity..) ..once properly assembled, they are practically indestructible. Shame TI has discontinued them. Looks to be a farewell to TI's quality analog audio efforts...

Regards, Davorin