LM4780 + AD826 - What to do


2003-08-12 8:43 am
I have a pair of LM 4780 chip amps and one pair of AD826 chips.
I'm looking for some project where I can use this chips in parallel configuration with active preamp section. Can I use AD826 chip for the preamp, and what's the pros and cons :confused:

Any suggestions wellcome :smash:
U can try to use AD843 for the preamp, it is a good preamp. This IC equal to OPA627(which expensive). Or if u want to build low cost preamp with a reasonable price but have a good sound too, u can use OPA2134/AD823. Take a look at Rod Elliot websites, u can find a lot of preamp in there.
Btw, i'm also confused to decided which preamp should i built for my GC:smash:
But, i prefer to build tube preamp with 5678 but i will be an expensive project.:D