LM4702 simulation in TINA

The TI SPICE models of a number of the Nat Semi parts (especially their integrated power amp chips) are very incomplete. I haven't looked at the LM4702 though.

BTW, I trust you will replace the generic NPN and PNP transistors with properly-modelled items?

Your ammeters will show the base current flowing into and out of the transistors. I normally use the 'current arrow' component to keep the schematic clean, it gives just the same information as the ammeter.


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2011-01-05 8:34 am
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Did not mess with the transistors at all... Only added the amp meters to see if there is current flow, since the OP said he was not getting any source to sink current when he ran the sim. Thanks for the tip on the current arrow - still learning to use TINA-TI...

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The problem is the almost complete absence of DC current between the source and sink pins. So I can't use correctly the VBE multiplier to achieve the desired levels of quiescent current passing thru the conduction channel of the output MOSFET devices.
AC is fine.

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